Fun Activities



All Weekends in September & October
Saturday & Sunday  10 am – 6 pm
also open Labor Day and MEA


tunnel               IMG_3685                          barrel full                              

Festival Activities

With its many activities for families and beautiful scenery there is no better place to be on an autumn weekend.  The Fall Festival features a giant maze, super long slide, bouncers, barrel rides, apple sling, trike track for kids, a haunted forest and so much more!  There are so many activities for families and children and so close to home!

Super Slide

Zip down the 80 foot slide….again & again.


Lively story reading by Charlotte with tales of pumpkins, apples and fall adventures to entertain both young and old alike.

Corn Pile

Why play in the sand? How about a box filled with corn and toys! Make a corn angel or bury yourself in bushels of fun!

Scarecrow building

What is fall without a scarecrow? Have fun making your own scarecrow. We supply the frame, straw and old clothes, you just need to bring your imagination.

Giant Maze

Find your way out of a 10,000 square foot maze (don’t worry we check it every night before closing). There is also a left turn only maze that will challenge your maneuvering skills.

Barrel Ride

Over the bumps and through the orchard! Barrels full of giggles and laughter.


A tractor pulled hayride and enjoy the fall scenery. The ride takes you past the East Chain wildlife area, pumpkin patch and offers the best view of the orchard.

Apple Sling

How far can you sling an apple? Try to hit a target and win a free pumpkin.


Jump for hours of fun and enjoyment. A great way for kids (and adults) to release energy, get a good workout and simply have fun.


More than a way to get from the pumpkin patch to the apple sling, kids can walk or crawl through series of tunnels and have fun on the way!

Scavenger Hunt

Hunt through the orchard looking for answers to clues and reward yourself with a final treasure!


crooked house                 in the maze                   train

 and the Haunted Forest

Look both ways as you walk through the woods full of spiders and spooks.


haunted forest

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