Apple Varieties

Do you know the difference between a Honeycrisp and a Haralson?

Fall is the season for apples, America’s favorite fruit. Locally grown fresh apples are available September and October. Center Creek Orchard offers apple varieties developed by the University of Minnesota as well as some old time favorites. Apple varieties – which apple to select and why; there are many to chose from..

fresh local apples at center creek orchard

We sell our apples by the 5# bag.

Below is a listing of our apple varieties and their approximate ripening times, flavors and suggestions for use:

Late August & Early September:

Zestar! ~ large, crisp with sweet-tart flavor; excellent eating and cooking apple

SweeTango ~ crisp, stunningly good with sweet, juicy, fall spice flavor; excellent eating & stores well


Honeycrisp ~ outstanding crispness, sweet & juicy; best eating & salads, stores up to 6 months

Sweet Sixteen ~ excellent apple with a “cherry candy” flavor; favorite for eating, salads & baking

Cortland ~ juicy, sweet with a hint of tartness; ideal for salads & baking, flesh stays white when cut


Late September:

Haralson ~ firm texture with tart & tangy flavor; good eating, caramel apples, pies & sauce

Liberty ~ crunchy, mildly tart; good eating, juice & sauce apple

Red Regent ~ Balance of sweet & tart; good eating & cooking

Golden Delicious ~ a taste of honey; excellent eating & delicious in salads

Early October:

Connell Red ~ intense red, sweet flavor, fine texture; holds up when cooked, good for pie & sauce



Coming soon a newly developed apple variety by the University of Minnesota

Better than Honeycrisp? UMN’s new apple just might be

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